Dave Bondi        
(323) 251 • 3290

June 2013 – Present                       
Senior Technical Artist
DBD, Los Angeles, CA
Development of 3D interactive content for video game and VR/AR applications including animation, game design, art asset creation and pipeline integration R&D for clients such as Mattel and Google. Creation of 3D character assets by modeling (3ds Max, Zbrush), rigging (Maya), animation (Maya, 3ds Max) and scripting animation state machines in Unity and Unreal. Experienced with stereoscopic 360 3D video, pre-rendered and real time rendering engines.

June 2010 – Present                       
Character Animator
Secret Plan Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Character animation for "Through the Wormhole" - Science Channel
Realtime and pre-rendered character animation for  Disney Imagineering "Haunted Mansion" ride.
Realtime cinematic animation for White Moon Dreams "Warmachine" game.

February 2005 – Present           
Art Toy Manufacturer, Designer, Digital Sculptor and Printmaker
Los Angeles, CA
Sculpture and production of limited-edition collectible vinyl art toys and archival giclee prints. Use of digital sculpture tools (Zbrush, 3dsMax), 3D printers (sls, fdm, polyjet) and large-format archival giclee printers. Manage the toy manufacturing process with factories and suppliers from concept to final delivery and global distribution. Experienced mold maker and fabricator with a variety of resins and silicone. Two sculptures inducted into the Designer Toy Hall of Fame (Possessed and Mr. Bunny).

September 2007 – December 2008                    
Adjunct Professor of Art
California State University Dominguez Hills, Los Angeles, CA
Responsible for instructing students in the use of a variety of digital art software including Autodesk Maya and Adobe After Effects.

October 2005 – May 2006                     
South Park Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Part of the twelve-person animation team responsible for animating seasons 8 & 9 in less than a week per episode.  Work speed and conformity to the South Park animation style were essential skills.

May 2004 – March 2005            
Electronic Arts, Los Angeles, CA
“Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault”: Created in-game “A.I.” assets for a complex branching animation system. Animated and scripted (Python, MEL) cinematic cutscenes and in-game custom dialogue. Solved technical integration issues for the animation team production pipeline.

November 2002 – May 2004
Brain Zoo Studios, Los Angeles, CA     
Cinematic animation for Activision’s “Shrek 2” and “Pitfall Harry” video games (PSX2, X Box,)

January 2003 – April 2003         
Instructor, Lecturer
UCLA Extension, Los Angeles, CA
“Introduction to Computer Game Design”:  Developed curriculum and taught game design to a diverse group of students.

February 1996 – July 2002
Producer, Lead Animator, Art Director
Gigawatt Studios, Los Angeles, CA

Producer, “Secret Agent Barbie”: Supervised a twelve person development team; oversaw tasks and scheduling and assisted with technical and artistic direction.  Responsibilities included managing client relationships and maintaining focus and vision.  Supervised localization in five languages.

Lead Animator, Art Director: Supervised real-time character animation.  Worked with engineers to create a variety of animation systems including hierarchical, morph-target and bone deformation.  Modeled and textured character faces and bodies.  Created extremely low polygon models (<150) for first generation 3d games.  Directed motion capture sessions and developed production pipeline for the data.  Created branching animation systems for complex character behavior.

October 1994 – February 1996  
Lead Artist, Cinematic Animator
Magnet Interactive Studios, Washington, DC
Responsible for character animation, interface design and asset integration. Used 3DO artist development hardware and software.  Supervised graphics conversion from console to 8-bit PC and Mac platforms.  Used the early PSX development station to research real-time 3d character animation. Featured selection in the Autodesk Siggraph animation collection.

1993 – 1994          
Digital Artist
Philips Interactive Media, Washington, DC
Produced art and animation in a variety of CDI and CD-ROM applications.  Assisted CDI to CD-ROM graphic conversion process.


Unity Game Engine, Maya, 3ds Max, ZBrush, Mudbox, Photoshop, Illustrator, SketchUp, Final Cut, Premiere, After Effects, Flash, html, PHP, Java, Microsoft Project.


FINE ARTS           
Filmmaking, Photography, Sculpture, Casting, Welding, Woodworking, Construction, Pen & Ink Illustration, Concept Sketching, Acrylic, Gouache & Oil paints, Polyurethane Resins and Foams.

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
1991 Bachelor of Fine Arts in Industrial Design / Sculpture