Dave Bondi is an inspirational
Art Director and creative leader
who builds teams that thrive
when collaborating together.

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Experienced creative professional adept at cross functional collaboration, exploring cutting-edge technology, and fostering consistent innovation.

"I believe when you embrace the idea that there's no clear right or wrong, no fixed notions of good or bad, and that creativity is simply about letting loose without constraints, it's easier to dive into the joy of making things. We're not in it to win; we're in it to simply enjoy the process. And let's be real, creating stuff is just plain fun."

World Building Projects

Examples of realtime engine art direction, asset integration and pipeline development

Web GL Demo

Realtime 3D animated environment capable of playback in any web browser

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Google VR

Stereoscopic VR environment created for Google Play Movies

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Disney Hitchhiking Ghosts

Realtime animation for Disney Imagineering

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Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault

Realtime animation and scripting for Electronic Arts

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Leading Collaborative Projects

Working with artists and companies to produce exceptional 3D representations of unique 2D designs


Resin Figure Production for Joe Ledbetter

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Vinyl Figure Sculpture for Luke Chueh

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Akashi Vinyl Toy

Designed and Produced by Me

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Sculpture and Production Management for DSTLRY

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Joe Ledbetter Disney

Sculpture of Joe Ledbetter Designs for Disney Consumer Products

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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Toy Design for The Loyal Subjects

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Bringing things to life

Directing and animating in a wide range of styles and techniques

Rotoloni Regina

Commercial Ad for Saatchi and Saatchi

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Secret Plan Studios

Compilation of Animation for Secret Plan Studios

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Judy Hop

Facial Animation Example

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Demo Reel

A Sample of my Animation Work

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I've had the priviledge of working with some of the largest and most iconic entertainment brands

Long ago, I spent about a year working with Bondi on a videogame called Icebreaker, and I absolutely loved it. Dave is a fantastic collaborator with incredible enthusiasm, clever ideas, strong dedication to quality, plenty of raw talent, and now, decades of experience. He’s also hilarious and just plain fun to work with. I recommend him very, very highly.

Author image Andrew Looney Founder/Chief Creative Officer, Looney Labs

I have known Dave for many years, having worked together on projects as diverse as proprietary 3D game engines, realtime animation systems and Android apps. His artistic creativity and technical know-how are a rare combination. Google needed to prototype a photorealistic 360 stereo environment for VR and we turned to Dave because we needed an Art Director who could meet both the technical challenges and artistic standards within a tight schedule. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of unique creative solutions to the inherent challenges of cutting edge technology.

Author image Brian Anderson Principal Software Engineer at Crossroads Technologies; ex-Google; ex-Verily Life Sciences

Dave is a practical creative. A very rare thing. He approaches problems from many angles, and finds the right solution for the situation at hand. Whether it’s programming a game in a way that maximizes user enjoyment while minimizing hardware strain or being on the leading edge of VR/AR, Dave is able to go after a tough problem and find a solution that others just don’t see.

Author image Alec Hudnut Managing Partner, Vici Partners

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